Scaling Support by Educating Customers

At ScaleConf 2016 in Cape Town, I was invited to speak in front of a large audience of developers. I focused on one of the biggest passions of most developers (not): support. However, while devs might not get excited about support, they all understand the importance of it.

With having WooCommerce active on 1+ million websites and only 35 people to support all of that, we have to think about scaling. Self-hosted means that users have access to all the code, which means that they have more opportunity to break things (but also to do amazing things with it of course).

By not educating customers, a system of dependency is created. By improving software, smoothening the onboarding, and providing training, this can be avoided. In a few weeks the video of the talk should be up as well, but here are the slides already.


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