About Me

Hi, my name is Job. I’m a Belgian living in Cape Town. I came to South Africa to get married to a fantastic woman, called Kim. We got married four months after I arrived in 2013. In 2020, we welcomed our daughter, Mila, in our little family.

In 2002, I started with my studies in educational sciences at Ghent University, which I completed in 2007. Thereafter, I didn’t really know what to do next, but an opportunity to study theology presented itself, so I went on to do that at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven. I did my MA while working part-time, both for the ETF as an assistant in the education department, and for the student organisation Ichtus. When I finished my studies in 2013 I also quit both of those jobs (on great terms), to be able to move south.

In South Africa, I worked as a lecturer in New Testament studies for a year, but when I got the opportunity to start working for WooThemes—I took it with both hands. I’ve been working there since October 2014 as education manager, and through Automattic acquiring us in July 2015, I can now call myself an Automattician. Since May 2015, I have been a Happiness team lead. In May 2020, I started leading the whole WooCommerce Happiness division. In my job, I can combine my passions for WordPress, training, education, and helping people.

In my spare time, I like to enjoy creative expression. Whether it be through savouring great food and drinks, watching movies and series, listening to music, or picking up my camera … there’s a lot I like. I tried to voice some of that appreciation by starting the e-zine CULTURESHOCK. That has taken me to some wonderful opportunities, including interviewing some of my favourite bands and trying to capture some of their shows through my lens.

My favourite thing, however, is exploring life with my family. Kim’s absolutely crazy about travelling and has kindled that in me. She enjoys beauty in life and is an inspiration to me. She also challenges me to rethink my positions on all life matters. I’ve become a better theologian through that, not because of my great theology, but because of the more passionate encounter with God.

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