ScaleConf 2016: Scaling Support by Education Customers

A few months ago, I spoke at ScaleConf 2016, which was quite intimidating. It’s a developer conference, and I’m not a developer. I posted my slides a while ago, but now you can also watch the video as well. I hope you like it!

I really enjoyed infusing Thomas Kuhn’s theory of paradigm shifts I learnt during my educational sciences and theology studies, and Lev Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development which was repeated several times during my first degree. I tend to focus more on the business side of Automattic, but I think I should from time to time introduce a bit of educational theory and philosophy as well. Bottom line: I enjoyed speaking at ScaleConf.

I was in the company of some great speakers. Definitely go check out the talks by Michael Gorven, Len Weincier, and Tyler McMullen.