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Propaganda, DJ Eazy, Kurt Shröder, Puno Selesho

South Africa is out of the way for a lot of artists, so it’s always exciting if musicians I admire visit our country. Since the early days, I’ve been following the record label Humble Beast and it’s been an absolute pleasure to welcome Propaganda shortly after we saw Sho Baraka here in June.

After a short set of poets Puno Selesho and Kurt Shröder, Propaganda took to the stage. Dreading the prospect of performing to a sitting audience, he encouraged the crowd to dispose of the chairs. He didn’t have to ask twice.

Instantly, he won over the people with his charm, sense of humour and humility. And of course an amazing musical set. As usual, Cape Town’s DJ Eazy provided the beats, creating the space for Propaganda to shine.

I could get used to Humble Beast artists visiting our country once every few months.

Here are my pictures.

🎵 Edited while listening to August Burns Red, Miss May I, Memphis May Fire, Propaganda, DAMSO.

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