Sho Baraka, DJ Eazy, King Smasher, Lux Kent (Cape Town)

Several years ago, I first heard about Humble Beast, the record company hosting amazing artists like Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda, and Sho Baraka. The latter was in Cape Town this weekend and performed together with Good Hope FM’s DJ Eazy.

The evening was opened with a rap battle and short performances of locals Lux Kent (feat. Gruth), and King Smasher. Having this event at a church with the chairs still set made it more difficult for the artists to connect with the audience, but they made the best of it.

It was pretty awesome seeing Sho Baraka’s superb music live.

Here are some pictures of the evening.

🎵 Edited while listening to Evergreen Terrace, Lux Kent, Driemanskap, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues, Run-D.M.C., and King Smasher.


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