WooCommerce in Botswana

WooCommerce is used by store owners from all over the world – store owners such as Tshegofatso Tlhong. Tshego is a young woman from Botswana with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and is also the managing director and founder of Ziigie.com.

We sat down with Tshego to find out more about how WooCommerce is helping her to ship ideas, along with the unique challenges she faces as an eCommerce entrepreneur in southern Africa.

Tell us about Ziigie.com. Why did you start the business? What are you selling?

Ziigie.com is a marketplace for handcrafted products; currently, all products are made in Botswana, with the aim of spreading reach to the rest of the Southern African region in the future. What is being sold ranges from handmade artisan chocolate bars to hair care products to condiments like jam. We even have handbags, books and music for sale.

When I started Ziigie.com, I wanted to specifically help artisanal manufacturers to sell their products to a wider market. What I would find in Botswana is that many people are making great things, but they have a very limited market-reach. Many potential customers did not even know these artisans existed or what they had to offer. The aim was to create a space for those craftspeople to not only get in touch with a wider market, but also sell to that audience.

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