Say hello to WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra”

I’ve updated all of my test sites already and have been playing around with the newly added “Shipping Zones” for a while. WooCommerce 2.6 is an amazing update and you should get it for your store as well. Read the post on our development website on how to update safely.

Oh, and I even made a very small contribution to 2.6.

Develop WooCommerce

Today we’re excited to announce WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra” has been released into the wild. 2.6 has been in beta since the end of April, development for ~5 months, and has had over 1700 commits from 25 contributors.

This time round there has been a major focus on APIs, shipping, and account pages which ticks some items off of our 2016 core wishlist.

zipping_zebra_720Introducing Shipping Zones

Shipping Zones are groups of locations to which you ship products. You can group multiple continents, countries, states, and zip codes into a ‘zone’ and then add shipping methods to each.

2016-06-10 at 14.09.png Example of zones

As an added bonus, methods supporting zones can be used as many times as you need, for example, you can now create multiple flat rates within a zone – something which was previously limited to one without an extension such as table rates.

2016-06-10 at 14.14.png Multiple flat rates in a single zone

We made a

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