In its truest sense, eros signals a desire and attraction that is a good feature of our creaturehood. . . . To be human is to have a heart. You can’t not love. So the question isn’t whether you will love something as ultimate; the question is what you will love as ultimate. And you are what you love. . . . To be human is to be animated and oriented by some vision of the good life, some picture of what we think counts as “flourishing.” And we want that. We crave it. We desire it.

- James K.A. Smith, You Are What You Love, 10-11.

Disrespect, and thereby also wronging, is determined, on the one hand, by the actual worth of the recipient, not by what agent or recipient happens to believe to be that worth; and on the other hand, by whether or not the respect-disrespect import of the action is such as to befit a person of this worth, not by whether the agent or recipient believes it does, or by whether the agent's actions express his feelings of disrespect.

- Nicholas Wolterstorff, Justice: Rights and Wrongs, 299.