Afrihost, or How Customer Service Should Work

Update: For the last three years, we’ve been customers of South Africa’s internet service provider Afrihost. While sometimes the product was failing, their support has been amazing throughout. Yesterday, we stopped using Afrihost, because the fibre provider in our neighbourhood doesn’t have a contract with them. So this seems an appropriate moment to say thank […]

Contributing to Code without Coding

I’ve been working at Woo for over almost two years now. During that time, I’ve learnt a lot. While working with the different plugins, themes and extensions we offer, it is normal to encounter bugs: small (or big) things in the software not working as they should. Using Software and Reporting Bugs Just using the software […]

WordPress Customisation for Dummies (Like Me): Workshop WordCamp Cape Town 2016

A lot of beginners encounter all sort of tutorials on how to add some custom code to the functions.php file or even more basic: change the layout beyond what the customizer allows. Aspects In this workshop, I introduce WordPress beginners to some good standards in terms of customisation. Choosing a plugin that allows custom CSS […]

Routers Scare Me (So Here’s a Tutorial for Myself)

I work for a web company, and because of that a lot of my friends and family expect me to know everything about the Internet. Well, I don’t. I’ve just learnt to use Google efficiently. And for that very reason, routers scare me. Because when I’m trying to configure the connection to the Internet, I […]

From (Too) Long Talk to Workshop That Works

To Really Work Very often, when conferences list workshops, what is offered is not an actual “workshop” but just a long talk. There are several reasons why you should avoid that. First of all, you’re communicating to the audience that they’re attending a workshop. As the word says, there should be work involved. If your audience […]

Say hello to WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra”

I’ve updated all of my test sites already and have been playing around with the newly added “Shipping Zones” for a while. WooCommerce 2.6 is an amazing update and you should get it for your store as well. Read the post on our development website on how to update safely. Oh, and I even made a […]

Ethical Consumption in South Africa: Chocolate and Coffee

When I arrived in South Africa about three years ago, fair trade was not really a consideration here. Very few brands were offering clear information about their supply chains and the control or transparency of those chains by external organisations. In the last few years, there has been quite a big change. Why should you care? […]

ScaleConf 2016: Scaling Support by Education Customers A few months ago, I spoke at ScaleConf 2016, which was quite intimidating. It’s a developer conference, and I’m not a developer. I posted my slides a while ago, but now you can also watch the video as well. I hope you like it! I really enjoyed infusing Thomas Kuhn’s theory of paradigm shifts I […]

Bono & Eugene Peterson: The Psalms The Psalms Fuller Theological Seminary, with several famous theologians on staff–including Richard J. Foster, Miroslav Volf, and Joel B. Green–has documented a meeting between Bono and Eugene Peterson. Bono has never hidden his Christian background; he reached out to Peterson when The Message translation of the Bible was released to say thanks and invite […]

Haters Gonna Hate: From Brussels with Love?

  When Taylor Swift is singing her “Shake It Off” song, she’s not focusing on very deep aspects of life. Granted, while the message to not care too much about what other people say is valid, she is still only singing about dating and dance moves. There are deeper sides to life. Worse haters that […]

Mischa – Two

We have some pretty talented friends. One of those friends is Mischa. Her angelic voice takes you out of this world. Read my full review of one of her previous show here. Go check out her Soundcloud profile or visit her Facebook page.

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