Getting started with Woo and Paystack

Today, I presented at the Paystack bootcamp in Cape Town and gave an introduction to Woo.

Since today is also the day of the rugby world cup finals, and both South Africa and New Zealand sell their fan gear with Woo, I went a bit overboard with rugby references.

The scoring

Both the Springboks and the All Blacks use Woo, so they each score a point there. Woo used to have a head office in South Africa, and there’s a bootcamp happening in Cape Town today, so South Africa wins (hopefully not for the last time today).

The actual Woo stuff

  • Woo has a simplified onboarding experience on both Woo Express (our hosted solution) and self-hosted Woo – I let the attendees go through that at their own pace.
  • The shortest way to actually selling is (1) having something to sell, (2) accepting payments, and (3) shipping. Anything else makes for a richer experience, but these three elements are enough to get started.
  • My recommendations for next steps were to (1) automate communication and processes, (2) connect the Woo store to other platforms, and (3) consider repeat payments for business stability.


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