Guest on Do The Woo Podcast

A few months ago, I was a guest on the Do The Woo Podcast talking about some of the challenges and changes we’ve experienced in WooCommerce Happiness and looking at what has worked really well with an organisation that is growing fast.

If you’re interested in support, podcasts, or even better, a combination of the two, have a listen.


These are the topics that we discussed:

  • How [Job] came from studies in educational science and theology to end up at WooCommerce
  • If he has stuck with more of a supporting role or been in various departments at Woo and what the growth of his team has looked like
  • What are the challenges and the future with makes sure support answers are found quickly both internally and externally
  • The soft skills training that the support teams get
  • How the training has developed looking back at the beginnings
  • Where do you connect with customers who might not even know the right questions to ask
  • Driving the sales and marketing process by what is being done on the support side
  • WooCommerce Payments and how this affects support
  • The future of growth, WooCommerce and support
  • What experiences the panel has had with WooCommerce support
  • What’s the space to help the Happiness Engineers decompress
  • A large space of support with third party products
  • How often they meet as a team


If you’d instead like to read the transcript or have a look at some of the other episodes, you can go via the website.


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