Are you okay?

When Mila started eating solid foods, which is almost a year ago now, we were petrified that the pieces we’d give her would be too big to swallow and that she would choke.

She does cough up food at least once a week, but she’s pretty good at regurgitation. What she’s not so good at, is indicating that she finished the regurgitation process. She’ll cough loudly, have tearing eyes, but just hold still and not move with a look of panic on her face.

One of the things you can’t do when you’re choking, is breathing (duh). So, we’ve taught Mila to breathe in deeply whenever we ask her “Alles okay?” or “Are you okay?” We love it as it confirms to us that everything is fine, and it resets her mind as well.

It took us only a few weeks to mimic breathing right after asking if she’s okay. We now no longer need to breathe with her; she knows when we ask if she’s okay, we’d like her to take a deep breath.


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