The Quest for 666

Every year at the Grand Meetup, when our whole company gathers in the same physical space, we give flash talks: 4-minute talks about any topic.

Two months before the 2016 Grand Meetup, we sat in an Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin with a few of the WooCommerce team and we chatted about all sorts of things, including the number 666. One of my colleagues, Jeff, encouraged me to do a flash talk about this.

I did. And I got a bit creative.


A few disclaimers/corrections (most of them came out wrong because 4 minutes is really short):

  • When I say I grew up in a conservative church, in reality only a handful were looking for the number 666 everywhere. I exaggerated in the video.
  • We really did write a number 666 for our hymn bundle, because we found it ridiculous and superstitious it was skipped. People of the web urged us to come back to Christ. We had never left.
  • When I gave this talk, Daryl L. L. Houston had been my lead for 3 weeks. He writes at Two Ells. He is still my lead today.
  • I meant to say 666 as the final number, not 216. Again, time was short.


For a few resources on what the number 666 likely refers to in Revelation (Emperor Nero):


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