Process Theology: A Critical Evaluation of its Methodology

A blog in English. Just to point to my recent paper on Process Theology. You can find the paper under ‘Studies’ or you can click HERE to access it directly.

The content in short: Process theology views God not as a Being, but as a Becoming. In doing so process thought brings into account some of the issues classical theism. For instance, how can an unchanging God let the pleas of both Abraham (about Sodom) and Moses (about the Israelite people) change his mind? There are some assets with process theology, but my evaluation is that process thought trows away the child with the bath water. What I read, presents an impersonal God – and that while God being Personal is one of the key features of Christianity.

Want to know more? Read the paper. If you are interested in finding an overall positive evaluation of process theology, you can visit the blog from Peter Bogaerts. We obviously do not agree on everything, but I deeply respect his opinion on this issue.



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  1. Peter BogAerts avatar

    Hello Job,
    Nice you’ve studied some process theology! I found this blog only now. I’ll let you know when I read the paper and put some comments.

    Maybe it’s for after the exams, because I’m very busy with my philosophy course. After reading your conclusions and this blog I understand your concerns, but I don’t understand process theology as having an impersonal God – to the contrary. I’ll leave furthers comments for another time. I’ll probably respond in Dutch, to provide more process-material in Dutch.


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