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Making a nursery

Covid-19 lockdown had at least one positive effect; because there was so little else to do, I had a lot of time to renovate our baby room. There were three bigger projects I wanted to focus on: a feature wall, a changing table, and some bookshelves.

Feature wall

We had a nice, clean wall at the back of the baby room and we wanted to do something unique with it. We had found some nice animal drawings but wanted something extra. Some wall art I saw at a school nearby our place sparked the main idea for the feature wall. I drew a plan of what the wall could look like and got the thumbs up.

Sketch of the feature wall.

After that, it was a matter of transferring this onto the wall.

Changing table

The baby room isn’t that big so we were wondering how to create space for a changing table. Kim had the great idea to use the big built-in cupboards for that. I took a part of the cupboards out and built in drawers and a table.

At the same time, I also replaced all the cupboard doors as they were very old and grimy. Kim had another great idea — she has those often — to tie in the colours of the feature wall by using the same paint for the handles and the side panels of the changing table.

As renovations go, the process wasn’t smooth and I had to change our window sill as well the drawers weren’t opening well at first.


Finally, we wanted some display bookshelves as well. I had just gotten a circular saw and a working bench for my birthday, so this was a good opportunity to put those to use.


The result is a completely renovated baby room where we will enjoy lots of pleasant hours with our daughter. And given that the changing table is there, lots of 💩 hours there as well.


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