What’s on Tap? My (Menu)bar Apps

I always find it interesting to see what software people use. The menubar in OSX gives a good overview of what people have open all the time. Here is my list.

First of all, I use Bartender to limit the amount of apps visible. All apps that aren’t visible at first glance are just in the drop-down. So when clicking on the ellipsis (…), a dropdown with the hidden apps appears. So here they are, from left to right, top to bottom.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.24.58

Top Row (Left to Right)

  • Duet. Allows me to use the iPad as second screen. Use this when I go to co-working spaces. Keep it in the top, because I want to shut it down when I’m not using it. It chows a lot of memory. Great app though.
  • Droplr. For fast screenshots that I want to edit by adding text, shapes or blur.
  • F.lux.* From 6PM to 6AM the colours of my screen change slightly to save my eyes at night. I often put this on pause though, as I like natural colours.
  • 1Password. Great software for storing and generating passwords. Very often used.
  • Cloudup.* For screenshots that don’t need editing. Every screenshot I take is automatically uploaded there so I can share easily.
  • Bartender. Organising menubar.
  • Wifi. For easy switching.
  • Battery (percentage + symbol). I like the symbol, but also like to see the exact percentage. Maybe overkill, but hey …
  • Volume. Like to see on glance if my sound is on.
  • Bluetooth. For fast on and off switching. Using it for external keyboard and mouse, but saves a lot of battery to turn off.
  • Day and time. Like to see this at a glance.
  • Spotlight. I actually use shortcuts (and Alfred) so could do without.
  • Notifications center. Rarely used.

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

  • Numi.* Smart calculator for Mac.
  • Proxy. Our company has a custom proxy service for added security.
  • Time Capsule. Used to track my latest backup to my Time Capsule. Has saved me a lot of work to do this regularly.
  • Rescue Time.* Keeps track of my productivity.
  • Google Drive.* Easy syncing of docs.
  • Spectacle.* Awesome software recommended to me by my colleague Dwain to split up screen using shortcuts.
  • CleanMyMac. Reviews the status of my mac and deletes the unnecessary files.
  • Keyboard switcher. Not used as often, but while writing theology (and referencing Greek and Hebrew), very handy icon.
  • Fitbit.* To easily access my Fitbit dashboard. Mostly use the iPhone app though.
  • Dropbox.* Great alternative for Google Drive. I use Google for work and Dropbox for personal things.
  • Alfred.* Awesome productivity tool. I use a lot of custom searches for example.
  • Bartender settings.


But there when I have the right circumstances:

  • TextExpander 6. Software to help write text faster. E.g. if I type <a it will change the text to <a href="">|</a> (with the cursor where the text needs to come).
  • Displays. For easy accessing setting and mirroring.

* Free apps for at least basic functionality (only added this to non-OSX native apps)