What’s on Tap? My (Menu)bar Apps

I always find it interesting to see what software people use. The menubar in OSX gives a good overview of what people have open all the time. Here is my list.

First of all, I use Bartender to limit the amount of apps visible. All apps that aren’t visible at first glance are just in the drop-down. So when clicking on the ellipsis (…), a dropdown with the hidden apps appears. So here they are, from left to right, top to bottom.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.24.58

Top Row (Left to Right)

  • Duet. Allows me to use the iPad as second screen. Use this when I go to co-working spaces. Keep it in the top, because I want to shut it down when I’m not using it. It chows a lot of memory. Great app though.
  • Droplr. For fast screenshots that I want to edit by adding text, shapes or blur.
  • F.lux.* From 6PM to 6AM the colours of my screen change slightly to save my eyes at night. I often put this on pause though, as I like natural colours.
  • 1Password. Great software for storing and generating passwords. Very often used.
  • Cloudup.* For screenshots that don’t need editing. Every screenshot I take is automatically uploaded there so I can share easily.
  • Bartender. Organising menubar.
  • Wifi. For easy switching.
  • Battery (percentage + symbol). I like the symbol, but also like to see the exact percentage. Maybe overkill, but hey …
  • Volume. Like to see on glance if my sound is on.
  • Bluetooth. For fast on and off switching. Using it for external keyboard and mouse, but saves a lot of battery to turn off.
  • Day and time. Like to see this at a glance.
  • Spotlight. I actually use shortcuts (and Alfred) so could do without.
  • Notifications center. Rarely used.

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

  • Numi.* Smart calculator for Mac.
  • Proxy. Our company has a custom proxy service for added security.
  • Time Capsule. Used to track my latest backup to my Time Capsule. Has saved me a lot of work to do this regularly.
  • Rescue Time.* Keeps track of my productivity.
  • Google Drive.* Easy syncing of docs.
  • Spectacle.* Awesome software recommended to me by my colleague Dwain to split up screen using shortcuts.
  • CleanMyMac. Reviews the status of my mac and deletes the unnecessary files.
  • Keyboard switcher. Not used as often, but while writing theology (and referencing Greek and Hebrew), very handy icon.
  • Fitbit.* To easily access my Fitbit dashboard. Mostly use the iPhone app though.
  • Dropbox.* Great alternative for Google Drive. I use Google for work and Dropbox for personal things.
  • Alfred.* Awesome productivity tool. I use a lot of custom searches for example.
  • Bartender settings.


But there when I have the right circumstances:

  • TextExpander 6. Software to help write text faster. E.g. if I type <a it will change the text to <a href="">|</a> (with the cursor where the text needs to come).
  • Displays. For easy accessing setting and mirroring.

* Free apps for at least basic functionality (only added this to non-OSX native apps)


2 responses to “What’s on Tap? My (Menu)bar Apps”

  1. I use some of the apps you use; will be checking out the one I don’t– Alfred, Bartender, Rescue Time and TextEdpander…

    How much RAM do you have… HDD — you using SSD? Impact on performance?

    1. I now have 16GB RAM, but most of those apps were used on my previous 4GB one as well. Apart from Duet, the performance didn’t suffer much from them. Using SSD indeed.

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