Time for a New Website

new-website-design1I’ve always enjoyed writing, and since I started my first blog in 2007 I haven’t stopped with online publications. Next to my blog, I have written for Breeze, CULTUURSHOCK, and Blikoponeindig. Professionally I have been writing a little bit for Ichtus and CTBC. Lately I have also started a South African sister to our Dutch review site: CULTURESHOCK.

Especially because of my involvement with CS, my personal blog died a silent dead in 2010. Next week I start a new job; I’ll be working as education and training manager for WooThemes, a WordPress platform provider. This seems like a great moment to launch a new website, mainly as a portfolio, to combine several of the things I’m involved with, but also as a way to pick up blogging again, without it being in the format of a review.

Last week, I registered my domain and since then I have been busy building the website (using a WooTheme of course) and adding content to it. I’ll be working for a WordPress company, so it’ll be good for me to use WordPress even more intensely than I already did. This website will be my personal outlet. I hope you enjoy it. (I hope I do too.)


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