New website look

I like changing the design of my site from time to time. I enjoy the process of looking around and toying with the colours.


The last theme I had used was the Twenty Twenty theme. That one was based on the Chaplin theme by Anders Norén.

When looking for a new theme, I was immediately sold on his Eksell theme. It looks clean, uses the block editor optimally, is fast, and fits well with a focus on photography — which is the case on my blog.


I played with a lot of colour palettes for my site, but — while those colours looked great on the sites that inspired me — they somehow didn’t sit right.

In the end, given that there’s a big focus on photography on my blog, I wanted to keep the colours simple so the pictures would get the attention. So I went for shades of grey with only one single accent colour. I still might change that accent colour later but I think the choice to stay with greyscale for everything else was a good one.

Custom CSS

If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you might know that I’ve added custom CSS or Sass on all previous versions. When I used Twenty Twenty, I was missing a grid template for the photography archive, so I added one. When I was using the Hive theme, I added some fun Sass to make the forms more dynamic.

So what did I add this time?

Nothing. I might toy a bit with the typography at some point, but apart from that I like Eksell entirely out of the box. So this time, I’m going to keep it simple and likely not add any custom code.


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