1920s Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Birthday party

Kim and I have our birthdays four days apart so we have joint birthday parties. Since this year is Kim’s 30th, we wanted to do something special and organised a 1920s murder mystery. We contemplated for a second to get creative and create one from scratch but ended up purchasing a pack from My Mystery Party.

I wasn’t too impressed by the designs of the pack so I had some fun following this tutorial on creating a “Gatsby” styled invitation.

A few things that worked really well:

  • I created a webpage with the characters and everyone’s contact details. The pack had some suggestions on contacting others beforehand and this was a great way to let everyone get familiar with characters and also find out who they were supposed to contact.
  • We added everyone to a WhatsApp group to get some momentum.
  • We found a few nice cocktail recipes and had a cocktail bar where people could make their own ones. I also had fun with naming them: “Thyme of Death”, “Bitters End”, and “Citric Mystery.”
  • Kim bought a can of gold spray paint, some gold glitter and some lace. She sprayed glass bottles and jars we’d be collecting for a few weeks using the lace for some nice patterns.
  • We opted for a few smaller tables to create a speakeasy vibe.
  • The only things we rented for the night were some classic champagne glasses from EHIRE. Seeing everyone with the glasses added to the overall feel of the of the night a lot.

Pics or it didn’t happen


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