Hong Kong

Hong Kong

When looking for flights to South East Asia, we found that travelling through Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific was the cheapest and most direct option. We decided to give ourselves a few days to explore Hong Kong rather than continuing straight to Malaysia.

My brother-in-law, Devin, was also en route to South East Asia with his girlfriend, so we ended up exploring this city together.

Things to do (in 2 days)

Hong Kong is a city with a cool vibe; the different islands are well connected and are buzzing 24/7.

Here are some highlights of our stay. First of all, we’d both seen documentaries on Kowloon Walled City, so we ventured to the park that now stands on the grounds this 40,000 people dense “city” was built to visit the museum there.

Next, we loved going up to the Victoria Peak viewpoint to get a stunning sight of the city. We took an Uber up and the tram on the way down.

We also enjoyed exploring some of the food in Hong Kong. We found out that some of the cheapest Michelin-star restaurants in the world are here, so we queued for two of them: Tim Ho Wan and Kam’s Roast Goose. Next, we had amazing bao at Little Bao.

Finally, just walking around the city and using its public transport is worthwhile. We took the Star Ferry between Hong Kong and Kowloon, used the metro several times and liked strolling past the vibrant neon-lit night views.


Here are some pictures of our trip.

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