Karoo National Park

A few weeks ago, we went to the Karoo National Park. I’ve seen a lot of South Africa, but I’d never been further than Worcester on the N1, the biggest road in our country. With visiting the Karoo National Park, I at least went a bit higher up.

The Karoo

The Karoo is South Africa’s biggest desert region. The dry rocks make for a totally different scenery than the other parks where we’ve seen game — Cape Point, West Coast National Park, and most importantly Kruger National Park.

We didn’t spot any of the 26 lions the Karoo National Park hosts but did see zebra, ostrich, hartebeest, gemsbok, kudu, and even a kori bustard.

What we really enjoyed about the park was its spaciousness. The campsite and the bungalows were several 100s of metres apart which gave the impression that it wasn’t gated whatsoever. Encountering gemsbok and kudu within the camp’s confinements made for a memorable event.


🎵 Edited while listening to Miss May I, Beautiful Eulogy, The Devil Wears Prada


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