Kruger National Park 2016

Last month, I went to Kruger National Park again. While I had been to Kruger a few times before, I had never gone up north. This time, we stayed at Shingwedzi.

It was an amazing trip. There were several animals that I saw for the first time: tsessebe antelope, eland, grysbok, the very unique roan antelope (which we saw twice) …

And my favourite: the honey badger. The latter first showed up at our rest camp, at about 2 metres from our table. Ever since having seen this hilarious video on the honey badger, I’d always wanted to see one. It was a great encounter. The next few days, we saw two other ones, both taking their time and walking around close to our car, digging for food.

My personal favourite encounter, however, came we saw a cackle of hyenas. The adults apart from two weren’t there and the juveniles and the puppies were playing right next to us.


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  1. colonialist avatar

    A most successful trip — and you can prove it! Some really lovely shots.

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