My team consists out of people spread over three continents and several times zones. Once a year, we meet, and in 2016 we opted to go to Dublin, a city neither of us had been to before.

The time together was great, and Dublin was a good scene for the event. The city has a nice, chilled vibe. Highlights for me were visiting the Whiskey Museum, and Trinity College with its display of the Book of Kells, an old version of the Gospels one of my classmates in university did research on. Next to that, our visit to the Guinness Storehouse and our bus ride through the whole city were worth doing.

While I enjoyed Dublin, it’s not a city that stands out like others I’ve been to. It was nice to see but doesn’t match amazing ones like Barcelona, Edinburgh, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Cape Town of course.

The first few pics are from a little trip into Amsterdam during a 5-hour layover. All pics were taken with my phone.


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