Omnichannel at WooCommerce

Last week I spoke at Webwinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht (NL), one of the biggest eCommerce conferences in Europe (with 11,000+ visitors).

My talk was about how WooCommerce extensions in almost 99% of the cases are purchased on desktop, and that this is normal since webshop development is still mostly done sitting behind the computer.

That however doesn’t mean that we do not think about omnichannel retailing – offering a customer purchase experience through multiple channels. While the actual order and pay moments are done on desktop, at WooCommerce we try to help our users with their purchases through dozens of channels in different stages of the process: the exploration and decision before the purchase, and the implementation and the improvement after the purchase. We’ve seen that building rapport with our users and helping them in different ways through different phases has a big influence on the overall process.

The slides are in Dutch as I presented in my mother tongue (which was quite scary since I’m not used to talking about WooCommerce in Dutch).


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