It had been two years (our honeymoon) since Kim and I went on a holiday that didn’t include either work or family visits. While we enjoy travelling for work, and we love visiting our family, we thought it was time for some time just to ourselves.

We chose to go to Namibia, the closest neighbouring country. I’d seen several stunning pics of the country and it intrigued me. Even though a lot of people discouraged it, we decided to not go with a 4WD, but just use our own 1998 Toyota Corolla. In total, we drove over 3,500km of which over 1,000km on non-tarred roads. Having replaced all four tyres, we didn’t have a single flat and only got stuck in the sand once.

We had a beautiful road trip starting with a four-day rafting trip on the Orange River, followed by stops at the Quiver Tree Forest, Kolmanskop and Luderitz. After that, we went to Sossus Vlei where we stayed a few days to relax and enjoy the stunning views. We ended our trip by visiting both sides of the Fish River Canyon, the second biggest canyon in the world.

Here are some of my pics of this amazing country.


4 responses to “Namibia”

  1. This is so cool! perhaps consider making a book from your photos. Such beauty, and stories in nature that you captured very well…

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Not planning on the book anytime soon, but maybe I should think about it.

  2. Zé Marques avatar
    Zé Marques

    So inspiring, the desert fascinates me!

    1. It’s a weird experience. On one hand it’s so calming, but on the other hand the solitude is also a bit scary and overwhelming.

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